Hiding a panel if a column is one attribute or another

  • 29 April 2021
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I know this must be a simple problem but I can't find it exactly on this forum or internet. I have a number of panels that are hidden when a choice column equals a number. Example below


not(contains(ApproverStage, "10"))

What I'm trying to do is set it so that if Approver Stage equals 10 OR it equals 11 that panel gets hidden. I've tried a number of ways using AND runtime function but I can't seem to get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Best answer by Nunezma 30 April 2021, 19:38

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2 replies

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(contains(Approver Stage, "10") || contains(Approver Stage, "11"))


OR(Approver Stage,"10"),OR(equals(Approver Stage,"11"))  


and(contains(Approver Stage, "10"), contains(Approver Stage, "11"))

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Thanks so much Claudia that worked like a charm you're the best!