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  • 26 April 2021
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Hi all


I have a drop down that has multiple options on, however I want another control to unhide if the selection is anything except N/A, however when in preview it just doesn't work and appears as normal regardless.


not(equals(PolicyType, "N/A"))


Any ideas? Last hurdle to getting my form good to go after lots of research 🙂


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6 replies

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Hi @kindrex 


wouldn´t you just hide the control if your multi-select contains "N/A"?

For this you can use the inArray Function



Hi @Tarf 


Thanks for helping on this one too 


I don't think I've been clear in my description apologies.


The user can only make one one selection from the list which has loads of options, I.e.

N/A, End of Day, Clear Desk etc. 


If the user was to select any of the options I want the control to appear unless they select N/A then it should remain hidden.


I did try your solution to no avail sadly.


Thanks again for any help you can give 

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Hi @kindrex,


depending on whether your control is a lookup or a choice field either

parseLookup(my-control) == "N/A"


my-control == "N/A"

should work as a hide rule.

Thanks again @Tarf , only issue i have is the control is still showing when no selections have been made. Its more that I want it to appear when everything but n/a is selected if possible? 

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Hi @kindrex,

try combining the working rule with

isNullOrEmpty(my-control) || <rule_before>

 this then hides a control when the dropdown is either empty or "N/A"

Epic thank you