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  • 23 March 2023
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I’m creating a new responsive form for a 365 SP list and I need to hide or disable an option in a drop down choice field.

For example i have a choice field and the selection is Install, Install with Support, Vendor Install, Vendor Assisted install.  I want to hide Vendor Assisted Install as we no longer support that option. 

I have tried many different suggestions that I found online but nothing works and I dont want to delete as there are old records in the SP list that needs that selection for record keeping.

Anyone with a suggestion that would work? I’m fairly new to Nintex forms so please dumb it down so I can understand and learn. 😆


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3 replies

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Here’s one way you can accomplish this with a Form Rule and a form variable. I am assuming that your choice field on the form is the default list choice column (I’ll call it “InstallOption” for my example). This method will allow you to keep the original (old) choice values in your previous list items, but only show the current values you want the user to select from on a new form. 

1. Open up the form in the New Responsive forms designer.

2. Add and configure a new “Choice - Single” control to your form.

  • Title = Install Option  (or whatever Title you want).
  • Connected to = Not Connected
  • Options = Install, Install with Support, Vendor Install  (the Vendor Assisted Install option is not added)

3. Add and configure a form variable.

  • Go to the Variable tab at the top and click “Add form variable”.
  • Name = txtInstallOption
  • Type = Text
  • Value = Form.Install Option  (this is the new control added in Step 2)
  • Click Create to add the new form variable.

4. Create and configure a new Form Rule.

  • Name = Set InstallOption Value
  • If txtInstallOption is filled
  • Then InstallOption Value txtInstallOption
  • Else InstallOption Value 
  • Click the Create Rule button to add this new form rule.

5. Select the original InstallOption control and set the Visible property to No.

  • This is the original default control that most likely is still connected to the list column.
  • Make sure this control is still connected to the choice control list column.

6. Publish the form and test it out.



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Thank you this saved a lot of time. Worked out just like I wanted.

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Awesome!! I had to figure out this solution recently.