Get FormData to SharePoint List

  • 18 January 2021
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In one of my Client environment almost 40+ controls(including 4 repeater controls each having 5 fields) not connected to SharePoint List fields. But all the fields are loading when i open Edit/View form as they are saving in Form data. Now Client asking to Export all the data (including the un-connected fields data). As List Fields are not connected to Nintex forms controls Export excel is not pulling the data. 

As per my investigation we can create a nintex workflow and using Query XML and using Xpath we can extract the data. As there are multiple controls is there any other way to get the data?

2 replies

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Have you figured this out?

I think, I figured this out. Let me know.

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I usually perform batch processing on SP list using PowerShell.
It is also possible to use Nintex Workflow.

There is a column called NFForm which store unbounded data.
Bounded data is fields which is connected to a SP column.
Unbounded data is fields which is NOT connected.
All unconnected fields data is saved into a column named NFForm
The data is structured as XML.

Regardless of which tools to extract the data, you still need to retrieve the XML and process the XML. I find using PowerShell is 10x-50x faster to process XML as compared to Nintex Workflow