Generate estimate from a list item

  • 27 November 2020
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Hello Community, 

This is more of a general question around list item to pdf. 

I'm working on a project in SharePoint, where I have created a list item e.g. 


Now I want to be able to generate an invoice or order estimate in a PDF and sent to the client upon approval of the request. 


My Question is is this possible in SharePoint without the use of thirdParty addons? 


Any kind of suggestion, or feedback will be very much appreciated. Thank you

2 replies

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If you are not satisfied with the Print To PDF option in the Ribbon of the form, then there really isn't an out of box solution. 

As far as I know the only options are to either go to Nintex and look into buying time using DocGen (


or to use a third party library like PDFMake to generate PDFs in realtime. However, to go that route, you'd need to do a lot of coding work by hand, and while tutorials and good examples exist, it may be slightly stressful if you've never done any mid-level programming work with javascript (or whichever language of whichever library you choose). 


I hope this helps 

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If you want to do bulk invoices or estimates, you can use some out-of-the-box tools. Export your SP List to an Excel file. From there you can merge the data into a Word form getting just the fields you want. These can then be exported as PDF files and sent to the respective customer.

It’s not automated, but it lets you utilize tools you already have.

Hope this helps.