Form fuzzy string search against reference list

  • 15 November 2022
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I'm curious if someone could suggest a solution for a development we want to implement. We have a Nintex form that takes some string input from users. For example, it might be stock ticker symbol (1-4) characters long (SPY, QQQ, etc) but they may also include a much longer name "Goldman Sachs Money Market Fund" or a combination. Let's assume the reference list would have the short ticker and the long string name.


However, there would/could be hundreds, maybe even thousands of entries so this cannot reasonably be added to a static select column.


Once the user inputs the value and saves the form, ideally, the look up function would compare the input to the reference list and then flag the list entry if a possible match exists.


Is this possible with Nintex and OOTB SharePoint 2019 on premise?

2 replies

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Do you want something just like an Autocomplete Single Line Textbox that references a lookup / sql control (or some other source of data) and narrows down the list as the user types?

If you're using Nintex Classic Forms, that's doable!

I'm just not sure if that's what you're trying to accomplish. Let me know!

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Thanks for the reply @MegaJerk. The control doesn't need to do that. It just needs to accept the user free text. Behind the scenes, that free text should be passed to a look up list that has let's say 2-3 columns. Then it needs to fuzzy search against those columns to determine if the input matches or is similar enough to at least one entry in the list. If it is, then toggle a Boolean field from 0 to 1.

By doing this, then the new entry can be queued for manager review. Let me know if that helps narrow it down a bit.