ForEach Create Item Stopped working after Nintex Update

  • 20 May 2021
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I've had a workflow that has been working for quite some time, I just went in and change the workflow settings to only start on manual.  Now after publication the ForEach loop that cycled through a collection and performed a create item no longer works. I've rebuilt the foreach loop and even copied the create item outside the loop, the create item action works over and over, just not inside the foreach loop. 
Is there a bug in this version that is preventing this?  I just re-published now what was working is no longer, even went back to the previous version and restored the workflow that was working and now it doesn't.

1 reply

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If you put a Send Email Notification action inside of your loop, do you get emails from it? Are you certain that the loop is iterating over a collection that contains members?