Failed to start but runs

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For a WF I keep getting a workflow errored - reason - failed to start notification. 

When I view the WF its been completed. Any ideas?

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Hi @michuk,

These issues are hard to diagnose in a forum like this, as the workflow engine is very complex.

These issues usually occur because of an issue with the workflow timer service.
How is the workflow started? New item, Schedule etc?
Do you see the same issue with SharePoint designer workflows?
Has there been any Updates installed for SharePoint?

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It Starts when items are created.  It fails then 2 mins later the WF runs.

No updates etc. 


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Hi @michuk 

If you add a pause to the workflow as the first action, does that resolve the issue?

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Hi @michuk would you please try Simon’s suggestion and let us know if that resolved your issue?