Error installing Nintex Workflow for Office365

  • 7 February 2017
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I'm a global admin for the tenant.


Trying to add Nintex Workflow for Office365 on our Office365 tenant, but keep getting the same error. Trying to do it later doesn't make any difference. 


Everything is fine, but we had a small problem getting your license. Please go back to the SharePoint Store to get this app again and you won't be charged for it.

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8 replies

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Hi Alex,

that error message is nice but also not helpful.

Is this your first attempt for getting a Nintex trial in your tenant or do you already have a running subscription or did a trial before?

Kind regards,


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I'd suggest contacting support for this one. Let us know what resolves the issue!



Yes, I ended up raising a case with Nintex Support. At the end it worked when I used Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. So we are not really closer to understanding why it didn't work when trying to install using Chrome.

Yes, it was my first attempt at installing it on the tenant. It worked just fine on our "PROD" tenant, but ran into this issue on our "NON-PROD" tenant. As far as I remember we have not installed a trial on the NON-PROD, but I have no way of checking it.

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Sorry to resurrect this ancient thread, but if you have arrived here in the now time, IE will no longer work with the SharePoint Online Store... however... Chrome is still broken and leads to the above error. Try using FireFox!!! It was the only thing that worked for me after thinking for hours that a MS Office365 Dev Program deployment was bugged / limited in some capacity! 

You might not be around any more, ouretskia, but this thread is the only information on this issue I could find, and it actually helped me immensely. Thank you, wherever you are!

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Didn't work for me.

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I used Firefox and it didn't work. This thing has a LOT of bugs. Trying to make a decision on whether or not I should purchase it.  Working with clients that are using it and so far I have had to deal with SO MANY bugs it's insane.

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Unfortunate to hear that it's not working in FF now. At the time I was just trying to get the trial to deploy on a free dev instance of 365 SharePoint.


Honestly, I couldn't imagine switching over to that platform. The headaches, lack of parity when compared with the on premises version, and general frustrations with aforementioned mystery deployment error, it feels like I'd be shooting myself in the foot.


Hope you can eventually find a solution to your problem.