Edit and Display Mode links only work for the user who submitted the form

  • 28 September 2022
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I'm having an issue where individuals (other than the user who submitted the form) cannot access the edit or display link to the form. When they click on the provided link, they receive an "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error message. The user who created the form is able to access both links and does not receive the error message mentioned above.


My first thought was that there's a permissions issue with the form, however, after reviewing the form and SharePoint site, there doesn't appear to be any noticeable issues. Even our Site Administrators are not able access the links provided in the email.


Below is a general summary of how the permissions on the form work:

  • All users are able to submit a new form (i.e. no major restrictions are in place when the form is in new mode except for a couple of fields being hidden)

  • Only users who are in one of two SharePoint groups can edit the form (this is done using an expression on each control's visible and enabled properties - a sample is listed below)

  • The fields a user sees in display mode is determined by what SharePoint group the user is in. Some fields display for all users (irrespective of group, i.e. no restrictions) and other fields are restricted to users who are in one of the authorized SharePoint groups


Sample visible/enabled code:

  • fn-Or(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("SharePointGroup1"),fn-IsMemberOfGroup("SharePointGroup2"))

  • fn-Or(fn-Or(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("SharePointGroup1"),fn-IsMemberOfGroup("SharePointGroup2")),fn-And(fn-Equals(Control1,"Value"), Is Display Mode))


My other thought is that the edit mode and display mode links are not correct, but that wouldn't explain how the current user is able to access both links. I'm setting both as variables in the workflow and then embedding the variables as links in the emails that are sent.


For what it's worth, here is the format of the edit and display links I'm generating in the workflow:


It's important to note that this is a classic form and workflow, and that all other aspects of the form and workflow seem to be working fine (outside of the issue I've outlined above). Items are added to the list on submit and edit, emails are being sent with the correct information, etc.


Hopefully, there is something minor I'm missing. Any help and insight is much appreciated.

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