Document Generation, send document to subsite document library

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My action Create item in sends a Word document to a Document Library. I would like to Copy the document to a subsite document library too.

How do I do it?

I’m using Nintex Workflow 2016 for Sharepoint On Premise 2016.

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Two separate workflows have been built to complete the workflow but I’m running into a new issue.

Workflow1 creates the document and stores it in LibraryA

Workflow2 copies the document and stores it in Library B (via “Copy to SharePoint”)

The Microsoft Word Quick Parts fields populate in the document in LibraryA but when the document is copied to LibraryB, the values disappear. 

LibraryA contains columns which reference the Quick Parts fields in the Word document.

LibraryB does not contain the columns and therefore the values in the Word document go away.

How do I “migrate” the word document from LibraryA to LibraryB and retain the Quickpart values (column references) in the Word document? The document needs to stay as a Word document from LibraryA to LibraryB


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Could you possibly assist here? 

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Hi @NotSure,


The functionality you are referring to is SharePoint/Microsoft and not particular to Nintex. To get expert advice on this issue you may need to contact Microsoft or post in a SharePoint specific forum. At a high level it seems logical that if the word document references columns on a SharePoint list then List B would need the same columns as List A including the same data in the item for the document to display correctly.

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Hi @NotSure 
Have you resolved your question?

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@SimonMuntz thank you for the reply.

The problem I am faced with using the suggested approach is a scaling issue. The organization has 55+ agreement types with hundereds of different columns. 

Why the values in a PDF can be retained and moved from LibraryA to LibraryB but not Word is a puzzle to me. A “copy and paste” of the document like I might see Windows File Explorer would be beneficial. If the answer is right in front of me, I’m all ears. 

The best example of what I am getting after is represented in a YouTube video where the IT company built a Regulatory Compliant Document Document Generation: Regulatory Compliant Document Generation in SharePoint and Office 365 with Nintex - YouTube

Additionally, I am faced with the challenge of an On-Premise and Cloud environment. The On-Premise envrionment contains Nintex but the Document Generation action connects to Word in our Cloud environment. Permissions/firewalls settings currently prohibit Nintex’s Document Generation from operating with Microsoft Word, so I’m limited to “standard” Nintex workflows/Quick Parts use of Word. 

@MillaZ thank you for following up, I appreciate it. 

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@NotSure The reason the PDF can be moved without issue is because it is not using quick parts.