Deplying nintexworkflow2016core.wsp does not do anything

  • 17 January 2023
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I have installed Nintex 2016 on a new 2016 SharePoint Multi-Server farm that was built using MinRoles.  I installed it on the Central Admin Server and it seem that the WSP need to be deployed on the Web Front End servers ( came to this conclusion after it wouldn’t deploy on the primary Central Admin server).  So I opened Central Admin on the Web Front End server and tried to deploy NInextworkflow2016core.wsp - it seems to run but Central Admin does not show it as being deployed after it has run. However, looking at the wsp it does say is has successfully deployed:

Checking with Powershell shows none of the wsps as being deployed so I don’t believe this has worked.  I’m seeing no errors anywhere, so can anyone shed any light as to why this is not working?

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