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  • 8 June 2023
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I want to use a form simply for data input… when an entry is made and submitted, the record is saved but the form immediately reverts back to the state as if I’d pressed “new”.


Best answer by MikeBrunson1 9 June 2023, 13:50

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4 replies

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Figured it out….

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Hi @MikeBrunson1 please share your solution with us! 

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Hey @MillaZ 

Use the redirect URL options on the action panel:

For the Submit redirect the form takes me back to a brand-new form for new entry.

For the Cancel redirect i have it taking me back to my subsite home page - leaving this blank got me caught in loop and I couldn’t get out of the “new entry” page without completely exiting the browser.



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Thanks @MikeBrunson1