Creating a new list items from the repeating section of another item on another list

Hello, absolute novice in SharePoint here. I am using nintex workflow for sharepoint so all the examples that i saw with posted with nwp files don't work for me as i can only import nwf.  Read through a number of posts but still confused as to the sequencing of steps as none of my workflows seem to be working properly. 

The problem is as follows: I have created a form with repeating sections. The details of the main item on the form are showing on the list and repeating section is being stored as a separate field i have created in xml format. 

I need to extract data from xml and auto populate a new list with this information. 

LIST 1: Project Name and Location and repeating section items that are Legal Entity and Country of Inc. 

LIST 2: I want to extract Booking Entity and Legal Name from the repeating section of the item and basically created new item for each instance of repeating booking entity and legal name combination 

The goal is to run a complete approval workflow on any new item created in list 2. 


I am starting my workflow with running parallel actions to extract query xml to get legal entity and COI. Both are stored in collection variables. 

What do i do next?  I have tried following different workflow suggestions and just getting confused with what i need to do. How do i then use the data extracted to create a completely new list? Is it even possible? Thank you for any suggestions!

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  • Have a Foreach action, refer collection1, store output to text variable1, and store index value

  • Add "Get Item From Collection" inside "For Each", refer to collection2, store output to text variable2, refer to index value from "For Each" loop

  • Add "Create an Item" action, and pass  text variable1, text variable2 and any additional values if any.


Variables used:


Hope this helps!

@Tigryapa try below steps:


  1. Create a multiline text column in your list and make sure its set for plain text only

  2. Connect your repeating section to above MLT column

  3. In workflow:

    1. Using Query XML and above MLT column as the source of XML (you need to change the dropdown from URL to XML)

    2. Extract each information you need from repeating sections and store them in each collection variables

    3. Using for loop, one collection and num_Index (to get the index value)

      1. For each remaining collections, use collection operation action and get the value using num_Index variable

      2. Add commit pending changes (just to make sure)

      3. Using Create Item action, create item in another list