Convert Nintex Form (responsive form) in sharepoint to PDF form

  • 23 September 2022
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Is it possible to convert a Nintex form (responsive) built in SharePoint to a PDF? If so, how would I approach that? Heads up, I'm extremely green to this so all help is appreciated! Thanks so much!


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5 replies

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Hello @jpacheco,


It would depend on the kind of output you would like; you can print the forms by opening them, see below the different versions; This is ideal for if you just need a PDF copy of a form quickly, in the form designer you can even add break points to decide where pages will display on a pdf creation.



Alternatively, if you want to automate the process of creating a PDF and or perhaps want a much more professional look and feel of the PDFs with control over the formatting and design of the pdf documents, you can use the Document Generation service provided by Nintex.




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Thanks for the response! So what I need to do is have users fill out a responsive form created in sharepoint and once submitted go through an approval process and then once approved, convert to a pdf and send to a document library.


I saw the video you included and thanks so much for that but has the document generation been replaced? I can't find it, only convert document... is this the same?

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Hi @jpacheco 


I think for your use case using document generation will be the best solution as then you can include the original form and even copies of the approvals, this can then be generated automatically and sent to the document library or even attached to the item for you without having users do anything.


Document generation is an optional feature and service Nintex provides and can be installed by your Sharepoint admin see:


There is a cost to using document generation but please reach out and check with your Nintex Account manager to find out what allocation you have as some may have it without knowing.



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@Jake ,


Hello! Quick question.. I just checked my licenses and see that I have a document generation pack as part of my license but it shows 2500 for the "Number of Documents"... does that mean I only have 2500 documents to convert?

So if I had a sharepoint list for example that used document generation control for a word doc template to convert to pdf and it got used over 2500 regularly... I would have to purchase additional if I ran out?



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Hi @jpacheco 


That is correct, The document generation usage is per run on that action, however you can have quite complex documents come out with multiple conditional templates and form logic.


If you run out of allocation and wish to use more then you can purchase additional packs of runs, please reach out to your account manager to find out more details on that based on your needs.