After using the Create item in another site nintex WF the PDF does not open

  • 18 April 2023
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PDF comes into library via being sent to the library email address.

Nintex WF - triggered and creates a folder using the PDF name.

Nintex then copies the PDF into that folder - using the Create item in another site action.

The PDF no longer opens.


The PDF open fine outside of the folder.



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6 replies

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In the Copy to SharePoint action, for the destination field are you using “Select a location” or “Enter a URL”?
If you are using Select a location, try using Enter a URL and see if that resolves the issue. 

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Hi @michuk 
Have you resolved your issue?

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The action is telling that I have an invalid username or password. 

I have entered it slowly and many times?


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@michuk  If you are copying files into the same environment as you are on this instance, credentials are not required.

Help files:
For copying files to a SharePoint site in the same environment as the workflow, the workflow automatically uses permissions with global SharePoint access if no other credentials are specified.

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I have to use the copy to sharepoint action so I can input the destination. Its telling that credentials are required.


Will try with credentials empty.

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Its working when I leave the credentials empty.


Thanks so much!!