Ability to copy a queried item into a another library subfolder?

  • 19 July 2023
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Hi all, 

Is it possible using Nintex workflows to set up a workflow to query for an item (separate from the current item) and copy that queried item into another library. It seems that this is possible using the “Copy Item” action, however this action cannot copy into subfolders of a library.

To break it down I would like to:

  1. Query for item based on certain criteria
  2. Copy the item to a folder within another library using the queried value (ID, URL, something else?)

Thanks in advance


2 replies

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Hi @Mtdennin ,


Have you considered using the copy to sharepoint action as it allows you to specify a folder?

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I have tried this, but I am unable to use this method because the ‘Copy to Sharepoint’ action only works on the current item. To my knowledge you can not input a source URL to copy.


Thanks @SimonMuntz