Multi level approval - How to Reject a form for editing without losing the data populate


I am new to Nintex  and I am working on a multi level (4) approval WF process using State Machine and "Assign Flexi task" Action with "Edit form" for each approver to define new fields to be populated for each level of approval.

I would like to have the form that was edited and submitted for approval to be returned back for editing.

The way it is set up now, the form will be returned back to a previously state and will be blank. The data that was entered is lost. Not what I want

 Any help on how to make this happen would be greatly appreciated!



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@Cynthia1977007 …Is there a workflow logic which is resetting the field? If not then I'm confused when you mentioned the form is resetting to blank. Could you please elaborate on that?

I am envisaging two possibilities here:

1) Possibly you haven't connected the task form fields to the list fields, please check whether the data entered in the task form is written to the list after the task is complete

2) Second possibility is use of list lookup if you are using list lookups in task form connected to text on lookup control, that won't work.


If second case is true please revert I will give you the workaround.

Also check on Kunal's suggestion if there is a form rule or workflow action that is resetting the fields


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Thank you for your response!

My issue was with not connecting the task fields to the list fields.


Thank you again!