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  • 15 February 2022
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This article will explain how to use Box related start events in Nintex Workflow Cloud when you have processes that use Box as a cloud storage service provider. Currently available start event types for Box at the time of publishing for this article are new file created, new folder created, and file metadata is updated.





In order for you to utilize Box start events you will need to create a connection to your Box instance by using the Box connector. Let's take a look at those steps first.


  1.  In the Automate area of Nintex Workflow Cloud, select Connections from the left side menu.


  2. Click on the Add new button, then search for the Box connector from the Connector drop-down list. Click Connect.

  3. In the Add connection window, provide a meaningful name for your Box connection, then click Connect. You will need to give Nintex Workflow Cloud the proper authorization to use web hooks into your Box instance. You can also allow other users or groups in your Nintex Workflow Cloud environment to use your connection, if required. Click Done to save your new connection.


Configure Start Event


With your new workflow design open, you can add a Box start event to your process. This can start the workflow when a file is added to a folder, when a folder is added to your environment, or when file metadata is changed. In the following example, we will wire up a start event that will fire a new instance when a new file is added to a Box folder designated for storing signed lease agreements.


  1. Ensure that you have an area setup in Box to receive new files or folders. In this example, there is a folder called "Signed Lease Agreements" that will receive new lease agreement documents signed by customers.


  2. Next, create a new workflow in the Automate -> Workflows area for Nintex Workflow Cloud. Select Box from the Start from box. In this example, we then select the Box - New file event. 


  3. Next, in the Configuration section, use the Connection that was created earlier to point this start event to that Box environment.


  4. Enter the Path that you want to have the workflow follow. In this example, the workflow will start when new files are added to the "/Signed Lease Agreement" folder in Box.


  5. Add workflow start conditions, if required.


  6. Add other actions to your workflow based on your requirements. For example, you can send an e-mail notification to alert for new files along with links to those files, use other Box related actions to process the new file, and more.


  7. When configuring other actions you can access the Box Start event object variable to get to information related to the newly created file.23019i51C8F7C81A921359.png



Additional Information

Nintex Workflow Cloud Help - Box Start Event

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