Workaround to convert a string to date variable in NWC workflow

  • 13 July 2022
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I needed it, others needed it and it isn't in the NWC Toolkit yet. So, we'll have to do it ourselves for now: Convert a date in text format into a date variable.

Here is how it goes:

  • For this example we assume the text date is in the ddmmyyyy format. In the code below you'll see how to change it for other formats.
  • It's sad that we have to (ab)use a component workflow for this but until there is a decent action that does it we'll have to do it this way I guess.
  • Input for the component workflow : a text variable with a date in ddmmyyyy format 
  • Output: a date type variable (ignore the time part as we all live in different time zones)

Here is the sequence of actions:


The trick is that we use 1-1-2020 as a reference date to add the difference in days and months from the input. The actions with the green numbers are explained in detail below.


First create a new component workflow and define your variables:


Workflow variables:


The numbered actions in detail:


0 is the position where the day starts.

2 is the number of characters for the day.

Month will 2 and 2 and year will be 4 and 4.

For other formats just change the positions.








Make sure to test it before use. No warranty. But it works for me.


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6 replies

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Thank you for sharing! 

It looks like your scenario is for a string containing a date that does not originate from a form.  If you are capturing a date as a string on a form, you can create a form variable that uses the convertToDate function and reference it in the workflow.

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Correct @DavidL2. But in my case this is data from an external source needing to be processed.

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This is, unfortunately, what we're having to do in a few of our workflows as well. 


We're using the "Apply a regular expression" action to parse the input date into a collection, then 3 "Get Item from Collection" actions to pull the month, day, and year out of the collection. It saves a couple actions since all 3 pieces are extracted by 1 action instead of 3 "modify string" actions.  If your input date uses a format where all the pieces are two digits long (071322) or separated by a delimiter (7/13/22), the following regular expression setup would work:

Result with "Test" collection logged to instance details:


That being said, if I was going to make a component workflow out of it I'd use your method and have the index/length of each piece be passed along as well. That way it could be used with all different date formats, other than when single digit days/months are possible (7 instead of 07 for July).


Hopefully the action they're working on will be finished soon so this isn't necessary.

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SOLVED! Thank you, Nintex, for adding this into the Sept. 30, 2022 release in the Convert a Value action. No more tricks as any of the above mentioned necessary.

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Isn’t working as expected. Note date is printed as “27/09/2024” :



I have tried this:


and this (note the quotes) :




this with capital D’s : 


None of them work and all give the same error.


Any suggestions?