What the limit of recipients for send an email action?

  • 29 April 2023
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What is the limit of recipients the send an email action can have? I see no documentation about this and we are building a distribution workflow that sends a notification out to a collection of email addresses (authenticated users). This collection will have 700-1,000 employees in it. Will this fail? I’m only asking cause we have had issues with how many people can go on an email if sending manuall through Microsoft Exchange due to their limitations. 

I obviously can’t test this, so any help is appreciated. 

Send an email (

Exchange Online limits - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Learn


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I put a ticket in and this was the response, in case anyone else needed this information. 


Hello Brandi, Thank you for contacting Nintex Support. For our emails, we use Sendgrid's API to send the email as mentioned in the link below. Link - Here are the limits I found on their site as per the link below. Link - "The total number of recipients must no more than 1000. This includes all recipients defined within the to, cc, and bcc parameters, across each object that you include in the personalizations array." Please note that we don't outline the limit and that it is based on send grid. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Kind Regards, Nintex Support Edin Gogic