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  • 4 October 2022
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Hello, i have an issue with a list i'm creating in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

The start event is a form, from which i pull the data and i create an item in a list with this data into Sharepoint Online.
After that, i assign a task to accept or reject the item based on criterias, and after that i want to update one of the item's field to "accepted' or "rejected", however, when i try this through the update items, the entire column of items take the value of the last item, accepted or rejected. Is there a way to update that field independently or am i going to have to enter this value by hand?

If i'm not clear enough, can i update the Accepted status of one item based on an assign a task action and an update items in Sharepoint, or will all the items always take the last value entered through the assign a task process?


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Hi @gsol 


By default, the NWC "Update Items" will update every item in the List unless you specify a condition


When you use the "SPO - Create Item" - the output object variable should contain the Item ID. Use this Item ID as the condition when you are using the "SPO - Update Items".


Example of Update Item Condition.

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They key to achieving the goal of updating a specific item is the condition filter on the "update" SPO action and the "result" variable on the "Create" action.  Make sure to set a variable on the Create action under Output Result and use that variable on the Update Items action condition.  Below is a short video to explain.  Hopefully this is helpful.!Aswl775Mpr4-iKg-Wv8A0eXZzBfgFw?e=XCWeDw


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Thank you both for your replies, i'm still learning the software and that video clip was really helpful! Thanks again!