TypeCasting.UnknownCasting when passing Nintex O365 collection to Nintex Automation Cloud workflow

  • 20 September 2023
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When I pass a Nintex WF for O365 collection using action "Start Workflow in Nintex Automation Cloud" the cloud instance fails to start with "The specified value is unknown. [Error Code: TypeCasting.UnknownCasting]".

I’ve tried a few options, but the fact that Nintex for O365 determines the start collection type as text seems to prevent anything from working. In Nintex for O365 it works. You can also cast between serialised json, to collections, and back again.

How do I pass this existing collection into NCA?

Background - this is a cloud component ‘GetFiles’ WF that is replacing the same functionality in a Nintex for O365 WF, so it needs to be able to be called by both existing Nintex for O365 WFs and new Cloud WFs while we transition to cloud.

1 reply

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For now I am receiving the Nintex for O365 collection as text and using JSONpath query $[*] to store all results in a collection.

This is less than ideal as I now have two inputs for one data structure and have to join them.