Trying to show Attachments on task forms

  • 26 June 2021
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Attachment is not showing on the taskform. I.e approvers can't see the attachments on their form when approving the task.


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6 replies

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Can you provide more details of implementation, where are the files attached


Have you added the file upload variable from the one form to next one

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@Haywhy21 currently you cannot resolve files uploaded via the start form onto the task form (this is something that is being considered as an update to task forms), however if you are using My Nintex today, you can show the start form and the file attachments along side the assigned task form:


Hope that helps.


I added a file upload to the start form, but I discovered that the file upload variable is not available on the task form like other start event variables.

@butlerj  but Nintex in the new features release for NWC said it is now possible to have your file upload on the task form for approval. Also, if I upload an attachment using file upload at the start form, where the attachment be, and of what use is it if I cant make use of it on the task form.

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Hi ,


In my solutions, I attach the files from start event and subsequent tasks to the approval notifications as a work-around




Thank you @ghaiashish
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I am having the same issues passing through files being uploaded via task forms. You can't do anything with them to support a process where files have to be handed and reviewed by multiple approvers or reviewers. Very pointless feature if you ask me. 

However, I'm curious how you can get the "completed form" URL of the task that has the uploaded files to show on the next task. I tried the "form URL" but it just shows "task completed" message so that I can't even let them see via a link the completed task. How do you get this??? We need the ability to have a link to the form in it's completed form, not the form URL for the action.