Timeline status in NWC responsive form

  • 3 December 2022
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Hi All,


Currently, in Nintex WF we have classic form which has a timeline status-like bar based on javascript and CSS. We migrated the same workflow to NWC, but since classic forms are not supported in NWC, I am looking for help. Is there any way to achieve the timeline status functionality in an NWC responsive form?


Below is the status timeline. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.




4 replies

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Hi @radhakrishnanma ,

without the javascript functionality, I was thinking you could do it with some controls and rules to set values or you might be able to get it work with variables and functions.


This could be a possible solution:

  • a set of images that represent your timeline hosted on a public accesible https website.
  • Choice control to set form status / progress
  • Text single control named ‘imagesource’
  • Rules to set the image URL value into ‘imagesource’ control based on Choice status = ‘statusvalue’
  • Image control with the source field set to the Form control ‘imagesource’


Longer term the form extensibility feature that is on the roadmap is probably what you are after but this might work for now.

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Hi @radhakrishnanma, we are in process of developing extensibility framework for Forms. For your requirements regarding timeline, you may be able to develop a custom control on the NWC form. We will offer an Advance Preview (Beta launch) next quarter (potentially March timeline) if everything goes to plan. Let me know if you would like me to include you for that. I will need you best contact, tenant ID and tenant name for it. Hope this helps.



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Thanks for your suggestion and time. This is very helpful. 

Will post here for any query . 


Thanks again !


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currently we are using the following method to in classic form visualization of stage using dynamic method 

1. Query the task list (it contain workflow status) for the Item.
2. Applied DOM manipulation on Multiline textbox to generate timeline with the corresponding response.
3. In visualization the approver name is displayed when Item gets approved.
4. Based on status column, status timeline indications are determine.
    blue circle     ----> Ignored stage by the workflow process based on item cost.
    yellow circle     ---->    denote current item stage.
    green circle    ----> denote Item stage completion.
5. To generate the dynamic timeline used css and javascript.
6. Icon which is displayed in each stage is pure css.

is there any way to do the same in responsive form without css and javascript?

thanks in advance.