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  • 27 March 2024
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why I’m getting an error while I use the Nintex plugin for the table mentioned in the link below.

also how I can use the second step in section 2 Displaying table from Data source variable (DSV) :

I already created a connection and upload the extension and made a data variable and it is appearing now in the workflow desginer

How I can print a table of collection from API

4 replies

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any answer?

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help please

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Hi @wejdan 


Apologies for the delay replying back to you. 

See this link to a newer version of the table viewer plugin you can download and replace the one you at using, there are some new settings, specifically to help the plugin know if the data is json or xml so you will need to edit the form and open the plugin settings. 

If you are using DSV data you will need to place the DSV in a string using the convert to string function form variable before using it. 

Just to troubleshoot I would always show that variable in a label so you can see what the plugin sees. 

please let me know how you get on.