Specifying Workflow Initiator When Initiating Workflow Instance via API

  • 11 January 2023
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Is there any way to specify the workflow initiator context variables (first name, last name, and email) when starting a workflow instance via the NWC API? We’ve started working with the API and it seems quite useful, but it doesn’t seem to take into account if I include the ctx_first_name, ctx_last_name, and ctx_email in my start data JSON object. The other start event variables work fine, but not the initiator info. When I start a workflow instance via API, it seems to only ever have the below info for the initiator.

  "ctx_user": {
    "ctx_first_name": "APP",
    "ctx_last_name": "NWC Connection",
    "ctx_email": ""


I can imagine it may be doing that for the sake of truly representing where a workflow instance came from. It would just be convenient if I were able to manually specify who the initiator is. We use those context variables throughout our workflows and we’re wanting to be able to put in a form on behalf of someone (using an automated method) so that the tasks in the workflow gets assigned to them. And obviously we’re not wanting to have to edit our workflows if we don't have to, to get that user info via some other method.


So I wanted to make sure that the API is indeed purposefully designed this way, where you can specify all the other start event variables, but not the workflow initiator. Or is it that there’s some specific way you need to format those context variables for NWC to consider them valid and use them as opposed to the APP NWC Connection info?

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