ServiceNow Update Record Action Forbidden fields

  • 1 June 2021
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I am looking to see if anyone is familiar with the servicenow actions in NWC. I have a connection working and am trying to update a record in one of the tables.


There is an option to modify some fields but when I try to do that, the fields are 'forbidden'. I can't find anything in docs or in the community about it to I thought I would ask directly if anyone knows what that means/any meaningful info about the servicenow actions.


I have tried with a few System IDs, one that I am trying to work with and a few that I know exist from a query records action. When I try to run the workflow(normally or testing), it fails on the update action with a JSON parse error.

1 reply

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Hi @Frankus440

With the forbidden errors typically mean a few different things, with the xtension it would be returning a 403 error, this can be the result of either insufficient permissions to the table, or an ACL rule.

Are you able to update records in another table?

Try testing the same update action using postman see if that helps show more details.