Send email from SP list without duplicate/missing item for the last individual

  • 25 May 2023
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Hi I have a workflow where i want to sort the list from SharePoint by email and send a table/list to each individual on a weekly basis (Scheduled start).

However I am encountering an issue with the last person in the list. I am either missing the last item in the list to the person or sending duplicate item to the person when I have the Branch by Condition action built in. Below is the workflow I have atm.

Not sure if I could make the email to recipient clear enough.

This is a follow-up question to the one posted last week: 



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Hi All

I found a way to do it successfully by using two loops and run if true action

  1. create a list with emails only (list 1) and loop for each
  2. within the loop for each above, create another loop for each for the email (list 2 with priority and other information) that matches the above list
  3. run if true if the email matches and create email msg
  4. send email outside the list 2 loop for each
  5. clear msg after the email is sent

in this way, each person will receive their priories respectively without duplication/missing items.

attaching my workflow for future reference