Querying a SharePoint List and exporting it to Excel?

  • 29 November 2020
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I am trying to figure out if it is possible to generate an excel document that contains the queried SharePoint list results? I am trying to make a form where a user can request to have the whole SharePoint list exported to excel or grab specific rows from the list based on a search form and have that exported as a spreadsheet. 


I tried to see if I could add a document trigger for the collections variable to the excel document for generation but that doesn't seem to be possible. That might make sense though since the queried results could vary as it could be pulling 1 row to as many as 100 rows from the SharePoint list.


I know SharePoint also has a built in option to export the whole list to Excel document and I am also curious if there is anyway Nintex can call that option in SharePoint.


Thanks in advance.




2 replies

Curious if anyone know if this is possible or maybe another suggestion to add to uservoice if not?

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Currently NWC has no direct actions to work with excel documents.


I'm not a dev and these scenarios are probably heading to the complex end of a possible solutions. So if you are not a dev you will most likely need some developer assistance to tie it all together.


Couple of interfaces to consider would be:-

1) use the graph api to access excel files in sharepoint Working with Excel in Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

You could access that with a call a web service action.


2) leverage an azure function and consider creating a custom xtension.

There are some other examples of using azure functions in a NWC workflow. Search this community and look in gallery.nintex.com 

You'll also need to research a bit more on what azure function capability has with manipulating excel files.