Prevent admins from seeing form submission data?

  • 8 June 2023
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is there a NAC setting to prevent automation and global admins from seeing form submission data in the workflow instance UI? one of the workflows is managing confidential HR data that even admins should not see.



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3 replies

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I don’t believe there is. 

You can now delete previous instance history but you would need an admin to do that.

At one of my clients where we had a sensitive HR workflow, we set up an additional NAC instance which had very limited admin access and then ran the workflow from that seperated instance.

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Hi @billvencil 


@Gavin-Adams is correct, all admins have the ability to see sensitive submission data, in the instances. 

as admins they have the ability to review and access instances for troubleshooting and assisting end users. 

The only option would be to provision a dedicated HR tenant where the admin access is controlled using your own internal service account procedure. 

I cannot say if this is something you are entitled to however I would recommend reaching out to your account manager to speak with them about your concerns. 

I think it might be a good idea to raise a feature request on that suggests being able to mark a workflow as “private and confidential” so that instance information is restricted and controlled or obfuscated so that 2 admins or approval is required to access etc. 


I would vote for that! 

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Thanks all!