Pause a Nintex Workflow Cloud Form Automatically

  • 19 March 2024
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My organization uses NWC forms for building simple external facing forms that write back to our SharePoint lists. Is there a simple form action that allows form designers to pause a form on a set date? For example: If I am collecting an RSVP for an event, form pauses automatically on set due date. Even better, a custom notification page that displays “User defined custom message”. Can we make this intuitive? I have been telling users to add calendar invites to pause their forms on due dates. Please help!


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3 replies

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Hi tadugna,

You can create a variable on a form that checks the dateNow() vs the date you’d like to stop allowing form submissions.  Then using that variable you can set a submit rule to not allow form submissions after the target date.  Along a similar vein you can use a form rule to hide the controls on the form and show a label with the custom user message after that date.


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Thank you for the workaround! This may work for some of us, but I wish there is an easy “Pause Date” action item that can be dropped after each workflow for novice NWC users. This will prevent someone coming across a form link on public websites and start completing a long form to only get a submission error.  Thanks.

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Hi Tadugna,


You can manually pause a workflow from the designer menu and if it’s paused, the form link will not work however the workflow designer has to do this manually.


Another way of achieving it would be to use the Nintex Automation Cloud API to do this.  Here’s the documentation for the API but if you want to skip to the end, simply download the Xtension from the Nintex Gallery which has this already prepared and packaged for you.


These set of actions allow you to active and deactivate workflows (amongst other things) and you could set this up via a second workflow.