NWC - Use form tool to enter a variable amount of an object/record

  • 28 May 2020
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For intance, if a user wanted to enter 4 persons, and another person wanted to enter 6 persons, each with a name, phone number, and email address, are there form controls that would allow that? 


Ideally I would like the inputs for each person to be entered to show up all at once. So if the user indicates they have 4 persons to enter, they will see 4 name text boxes, 4 phone number boxes, etc. Then I would like to store those values in some sort of collection and have the records created in Salesforceas part of a workflow. How much of this, if any is possible?


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@jwCbank while NWC forms don't support repeating sections (yet), you can accomplish this using a set of groups and hide rules on your form:


I have created an example of this that you can import and play around with if you'd like: mDAcnEUpwi17zGx247PxgocqxmTQ9nH3AnUDqRTf9w9zuB3fY


Let me know if that helps!