NWC SQL Server Connection Port Other Than 1433

  • 21 December 2022
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On the NWC SQL Server Connection does anyone know how to configure it using a port other than 1433? This is just an example but I have tried and,1433 but I get an error in the database host column.

5 replies

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What sort of error are you seeing. It may be a firewall issue. Are the NWC IPs in the allow list ?

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I sent a link to the vendor, I’m trying to connect to which is CDATA, and they said the firewall settings there doesn’t apply.  It looks like the column doesn’t allow a port.  I’ve tried it with a semi-colon and comma and get the following error before hitting connect.



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Hi @RichR 

EDIT: Sorry! Just re-read your question. I don’t think its possible to configure for a SQL Server with a non-1433 port. That database host field validation only accepts valid domain 


Just enter the host name without specifying any ports.

Database Host:


FYI, my database is set to the default 1433. 

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The software vendor I’m trying to connect to assigned the port to 14333 so it’s required to connect.

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Hi @RichR 

How about setting up a linked server?
SQL Queries can pass-thru from this SQL Server (which uses port 1433) to your vendor SQL Server.