NWC - Format Date to string - daylight savings accounted for?

  • 20 December 2022
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This may be a question only a Nintex rep or Nintex dev can answer, but I’m wondering if the NWC workflow action ‘Format date to string’ caters for daylight savings time change sin the Convert to time zone setting.

For example, looking only at capital cities we currently have 4 time zones in Australia: +8h (West), +10.5h (Adelaide), +10 (standard), +11 (daylight savings). But in the control, if we choose a city like Melbourne or Brisbane, they’re both listed at +10h, which doesn’t account for the daylight savings time difference between these two cities.


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2 replies

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I am seeing the same thing right now. My scheduled tasks are now running 1 hour after I have them scheduled.

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I know the answer to the above question now: it doesn’t . I’d forgotten about this and it caused us a major issue last week. The problem is particularly pronounced if you are collecting dates using Date controls on a form (no time) as the control will set the time to midnight UTC local to where the form user completes the form but then convert the time - even though you don’t care for time - when using this action. It means we were having users in MEL enter a date like 17 March but then that was coming through as 16 March - because 17 March midnight in MEL is 16 11pm in BNE.