Nintex and Power Automate

  • 12 April 2023
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I am after a way to start NAC workflow from Power Automate? or the other way around


please advise if there is a connector available?


Thanks in  advance.


2 replies

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Hi @Kammasood123 

Not sure how to start workflows from each other (maybe a call a web service could be used), but a way around it could be something like creating a SharePoint item from NAC, and in Power Automate, have the start trigger to start the flow when a SharePoint item is created. This is just an example using SharePoint as a middle man.

You can also easily do this using emails, so on NAC, send an email, and on power automate, start the workflow when an email is received. These examples can also be done the other way around, however either platform may have the correct start triggers to suite your needs.

Hope this helps :)

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Hi @Kammasood123 


You should be able to call a NAC/NWC Component Workflow using the API endpoint.


After you make a NAC/NWC Component Workflow, you should be able to retrieve its API endpoints