New Responsive Form Won't Import to NWC

  • 24 February 2022
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I'm trying to create Task forms based on a List form to use in a state machine in NWC. I created the list form and exported it, but when I open the work flow and go to design the task form, it won't let me import. Error is:



I created the site, list and the main form just a couple of weeks ago, and the workflow just this morning, so everything is as current as it can get.I tried creating another workflow and importing the form as the workflow start and that returned the same error.


Anyone have any ideas before I open a case? TIA


Best answer by Sven 25 February 2022, 18:08

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3 replies

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it looks like you exported the form out of office365 and imported this file to nwc, is that correct?





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Hi Sven, trying to, yes, but that's where it fails. Is it not possible to do so?

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Exactly, this way is not possible, but what you can try to enable the migration function to NWC, maybe this could help out in this situation.