New My Nintex - start form 'File downloads are disabled' error

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In the new My Nintex I'm getting an issue with 'File downloads are disabled - Administrators can enable file downloads.'.


I have an NWC start form with attachments.

I then assign a task.

In the new My Nintex when I view the assigned task, then on the right I click on the start form, then try to view the attachment on the start form I get the above message.


I can't find anywhere in the NWC admin settings to turn on file downloads.


Any ideas?


Best answer by Nintex_Andrea 9 June 2021, 15:51

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Take a look at File upload storage on the settings tab. When the new My Nintex was released, this setting was defaulted to the 7 days option. This would mean that file uploads are only stored for 7 days after the workflow instance is completed. Also, with this setting selected, participants are not able to see files they have uploaded with start event forms and task forms. Changing this setting to Indefinitely will allow uploaded files to be stored indefinitely and participants can see the files they uploaded.
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Thanks @Nintex_Andrea 

I missed that impact of the setting on the new feature announcement.

After I switched to indefinite to solved the problem.


It would be good to split these settings out so that the files can be access while the workflow is running but is not kept indefinitely in the NWC storage.



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@Gavin-Adams appreciate the feedback. We're looking at some improvements around data retention and file management, and will definitely take this under consideration.