NAC does not recognize SharePoint Column

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I have created a component workflow that will be running against 100+ lists. The site and list name are passed to the component. On many occasions, the workflow fails with an error message 'Column xxx does not exist'. However, the column does exist. In fact, the missing column is used as a trigger to start the workflow. If the column was missing, then the workflow would not even start.\

For example,the initial workflow has a start condition [FormAction] = Submit. If the initial workflow runs, I pass the List Name and ID to a component site.  When the component site tries to update [FormAction], it errors out with “Column FormAction does not exist”.  Other forms update with no problem. 

Do you have any idea why this may happen?

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Hi @SShaffer2,

This issue may be a bit difficult to diagnose in this forum.
I suggest contacting Nintex support via the customer portal so that they can review the logs and escalate to the development team if necessary.

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@SShaffer2 Are you using the site and list in the component workflow as variables? If you are then you need to make sure that your internal column names (not display name) are exactly the same across all sites. This is because they are already configured in the action and if you using dynamic values then they need to match exactly. Maybe pick the list as a test on the one that fails and see if it’s still working..  If you are not doing this then not sure what’s happening..