Move Repeating Section control data from Start form to a Task form

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There are a couple of threads of this subject, but they more relate to SharePoint.  In my case I have an NWC Start form, where I have a repeating Section control.  When I create a Task form, I need to display the rows of data from Repeating Section, and also make it editable.

I was wondering whether there are any solutions or workarounds for this situation.

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I wanted to do the same, but I couldn't find a solution to display the Start Form repeating section Data  as a repeating section in the Task Form and make it editable.

So I converted the repeating section Data within the Workflow to an HTML table to display in the Task Form.

Please let me know if you have a better solution.

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Hi @AbdlefatahYSF 


Thank you for the suggestion.  That seems to be the only option at this time.