Loop N Times action disappearing?

  • 27 December 2021
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I created a Scheduled Start workflow that will run weekly. One thing it will do is to query a SharePoint list, looking for certain data in the list items. Then it will loop through the results N times (where N = number of results found in the query) to perform certain actions. I'm using the Loop N times action because I anticipate that there may be more than 250 iterations of the loop (which is of course a limitation of the Loop for each action).


As I was creating this, I noticed that as soon as I saved the workflow, the Loop N times action disappeared from the menu. It was there until I saved it. Fortunately I had already added the action to my workflow before saving, so it was still there. But if I had wanted to click and drag another such action to the workflow, I wouldn't have been able to.


Is this expected behavior? Is anyone else seeing this?


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This is not an expected behavior.  What would help is to see if we can reproduce this behavior for troubleshooting.  Please provide steps to re-produce this behavior consistently.

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Thank you, @Sasan. The only steps I know of would be:

  1. Create a Scheduled start workflow.

  2. Confirm that the Loop N times action is present in the menu.

  3. Configure the scheduled start and add an action to the workflow.

  4. Save the workflow.

  5. Check to see if the Loop N times action is still visible in the menu.

Thank you.

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Hi @DavidAD,


I was able to replicate the behaviour I will raise this with the internal team. As a workaround if you publish the workflow the action will return and then you can pause the workflow to stop it running.