Integer regex

  • 22 November 2023
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How to add a validation for a text feild to accept only integer numbers only without commas as shown below


5 replies

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Hi @wejdan 

You can use Regex (Regular Expression) as the validation method

Means accept 0 or more digits


Means accept between 2-6 digit 




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it is accept string also, How it can be accept only numbers

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Is this a Text-Short field? And is the field to accept only numerical values or digits?

If Yes,
   Set Validation to Regular Expression


   Set the Pattern

Exactly 4 digits eg “1234 ^(\d{4})$
Between 2-8 digits ^(\d{2,8})$
Exactly 3 or 5 digits “123” or 
One more digits ^(\d)$


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yes text short feild, put all those patterns doesn’t work

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Can you provide examples of what will be accepted and what should failed?