How to reassign the workflow tasks or delegate the workflow approvals in Nintex workflow cloud

  • 22 May 2020
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Hi All,

I would like to delegate the workflow task if the approver is on leave and continue the workflow approval process. How to achieve this in NWC .we are using Nintex cloud workflow with SharePoint online environment .

Can we reassign the Nintex tasks of the old approver to the new approver?

Please share the steps for implementing this.






7 replies

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Hi @Meena,


Currently there is no way to delegate tasks in NWC, however administrators can complete tasks on behalf of other users via the task list in NWC. I would suggest logging a feature request for this as well(



Hi @leighburke,

Thank you for checking this. Can we try with Escalation feature available in tasks? is that possible ?

we have different priority set for user request in Nintex forms . For example, if the user is selecting priority 1 for his request then within 24 hours , the task must be approved and so on. So if one of the primary approver is on leave/not approved can I escalate this task to his manager / new user and get this done ?

Please suggest .

Meena R

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@Meena the escalation feature will auto escalate if the task doesn't get a response in a set time, so this could do what you are looking for.

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Nintex needs to add a feature to NWC to allow users to specify a delegate to complete any incoming tasks during a specified period when they will be out of office (not just to delegate tasks that are currently in their queue).  It is not feasible (or desirable) for Nintex administrators to execute the workflows on behalf of a user as the workflow task is often an acknowledgement the user has completed certain tasks (which the administrator is in no position to complete).  Do you have an anticipated delivery date for this functionality as this is a major issue for our users.

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@RuthR Thank you very much for your feedback. The feature for auto delegation of all incoming tasks to another designated user, for a specific calendar period (in case of out of office), is currently in the planning stage. We will provide an update as soon as we can.


Meanwhile, Nintex Workflow Cloud supports Manual Task Delegation by Assignees and Business owners who can delegate the active tasks to another user in the absence of the original Assignee. Auto Task Escalation is also supported where a task gets escalated to another user if it doesn’t receive a response in a certain time.


Please see help for more information:

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I would also suggest that Nintex develop a method to delegate not yet executed tasks for an in process workflow for some assignee....specifically when an employee leaves the organization.  As an admin, I need a way to reassign those tasks before they are launched as the workflow fails if the person is no longer available to be assigned the task.


Hi @leighburke and @Neeti_Kulhar any news on this being implemented.