Highlights from the latest release (January -Release 1)

  • 24 January 2023
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New Features:

  • The Google Drive Events are now available in the WUS region.
  • The MySql and Microsoft SQL actions now support the use of parameters.
  • Call a workflow action now returns up to 500 component workflows.

Important information:

  • We’ve retired the Assign a task action, which is no longer be available for new workflows. Read the blog post.

Link to the release notes:


4 replies

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Hi @Neeti_Kulhar,

Do you have any information as to which Smartsheet actions were updated to support a RowID?  I only knew of the “Get a Row” action not supporting RowID’s and it still doesn’t.



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@Ruben adding you for the query above

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@bsikes You’re right. This went into the release notes of NWC, as it would have been released by the time NWC was updated. We had a small issue with our releases and the SmartSheet deployment wasn’t performed. The action that /will be/ updated is “Get a Row”. Should be out next week. Sorry for the confusion!


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Awesome, looking forward to it! Thanks @_Ruben