Help with parallel tasks and appending comments

  • 27 March 2024
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Here is what I need. I have given up though.  Please help. 

I have three (3) tasks going out in one component workflow on a parallel action. I need to append comments back to the list item, however if more than one of the tasks get actioned at the same time, the system cannot update the list item from more than one instance of the workflow at the same time doing the same action at the same time. 

I thought I could use get workflow instances in a separate component workflow, but I can’t filter by workflow ID to even begin looping and comparing and putting logic to only update if it’s the 1st instance to run out of the returned results. 

How can I achieve this? We desperately need more filter options for the following actions:

  • get published workflows
  • get tasks
  • get workflow instances

1 reply

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What about storing the comments in a workflow variable, then after all responses have been submitted you can add the comments to the list item in a serial fashion rather than directly after the task - this would alleviate the problem at hand.