Ghost workflow still running?

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Hi all,

Here is my scenario:  I created a Nintex 365 workflow on a SharePoint online list called:

Notify on Change

This sends an email on a change of an item.  

I created a second identical list with an identical workflow (But of course had to rename the workflow Notify on Change NEW, because you can’t use the same name as an existing workflow).

After doing my testing on the second list, I decided I didn’t need the original list anymore so I deleted the list. 

Now when I go to rename the remaing workflow from Notify on Change NEW to Notify on Change, Nintex tells me the workflow name is still in use?   And I’m still getting emails from the original workflow!  

Creepy...I know. Is there a way I can find this Ghost workflow?  Has anyone else seen this behaviour?




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Hi @troylyon 

Deleting a List is not the correct way to remove a workflow. The Workflow still remains

Try to recover your deleted List from the Recycle Bin. Then delete your workflow as below


From the SPO LIst, Click Nintex Workflow to enter the Workflow Gallery

Click the ellipsis (...), click Delete

Click DELETE at the confirmation prompt


IF you cannot recover the list, contact Nintex Support to assist you with removing the orphaned workflow. 

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Wow...OK.  I would have expected Nintex to clean this up when a list/library is deleted.  Thanks for the heads up and help!

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Hi @troylyon 

You’re welcome and glad to help.


So do you know now why your “ghost” workflow is running?
Your second List has the same name as the deleted first List. 
When a new item is created (or updated - depends on how you set up the workflow trigger) 
both your workflows (workflow on second List and orphaned workflow) are triggered.

Try to rename the List. I believe that should prevent the orphaned workflow from being triggered.