Generate document missing hyperlinks from original file

  • 21 November 2023
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So I used document generate action and kept original format type which is .docx. 


I’m a little confused as I am only using this to store a file, no changes are actually being made. My word document has 4 bullets of resources for the end-user all hyperlinked to the resource. 



However, the final output document removed or stripped away the hyperlinks. Why is that? 

1 reply

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Ok so I ran more tests. I’m still at a loss. 

When I use this action to convert to a single pdf, the hyperlinks are preserved just fine within the pdf version. That is expected so I’m good with that. But we need to add some information to a word document and provide the recipient the revised word document. We outline instructions in the first page of the word document and then need the form we fill out to auto-populate information within the document elsewhere. 

Output in word: 


Output in pdf: 


 Really need to understand why word cannot reproduce the same word document with the links preserved within the document using the original file type as the output?