Exporting file to network drive with NWC

  • 16 June 2020
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I have an approval workflow that created multiple documents and saves them out to Dropbox for Business.  The files route as required, but my last step is to get those documents into another repository that is provided by our core vendor.  That vendor does not have an API (Synergy for JHA) to connect with.  Our only option is to drop them to a network drive and import them using a bot.  My issue is how do I get the documents from Dropbox for Business to a network drive?  I know Nintex is working on connecting network drives to NWC, but that will not be ready in time for my go live.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm sure I could export to a SharePoint list, then grab from there with a bot, but there has to be a more streamline way to do this.  I'm already at 168 actions and the workflow is starting to have other issues. 


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There are a few options available using the RPA bots.  In order of ease of setup:

  1. How about emailing the files to a mailbox the bot regularly checks?  The bot could then retrieve all attachments from the emails and save to the network share.

  2. I'm not familiar with Dropbox functionality but I presume it enables you to sync with local folders on your PC.  You could get the bot to regularly check the local folder and copy/move the contents to the network share

  3. You could also get your bot to log in to Dropbox via a web browser and then save the files to the network share.



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Thanks for the suggestion. I did find there is a desktop app for Dropbox you can download that acts like a file sync (similar to One drive). This option works better than logging into the website or using email.