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Hi All,

We have a requirement where every new instance should have an numerical ID.

For example, if I raise a new travel request now, it should have "01", and then every new instance should have the next one in incremental order. I have found that we have "instanceID", but that is quite long, and "newGuidAsString" is also lengthy.

We just need an ID that starts with "1" and then increments with every new instance started, regardless of whether instance is completed or failed. So, I can use that value as the instance name.
I am sure this functionality would be there but it’s that I am not able to find it out. 

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Hi @Natha,

The easiest way to achieve this solution would be to store the following ID somewhere.
A good place would be to use a table.
The first step of the workflow is to read the current ID from the table and update it by 1, ready for the next workflow.
Tables help files:

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Hi @SimonMuntz,

Good morning. Thanks for your reply with solution. I appreciate it.