Does Nintex workflow have a "has column changed" function?

  • 13 February 2022
  • 2 replies

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In MS Power Automate there are function to see if a specific column has been modified.  That follows if an item has been modified.

Is there a similar function in Nintex?

I want to kick off a workflow when an item is modified and a field has changed from null to a date value.

How do I do this in Nintex?

2 replies

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@davehtx have you explored the option to trigger the workflow conditionally when an item is modified? This option is in Workflow Settings.

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I tried to use a Start Event with configuration to run when an item is modified.  When I open the Condition Builder I do not see the "Estimate Due" field I want to cause the workflow to kick off.  In fact no fields that have date formats are pickable (is that a word?).  

Microsoft Power Automate had the ability to pick any field and kickoff when it was modified.